2017 AUSA Conference

Workshop Presenters

Dr Lisa Warren

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Mr Michael Alday

Corporate Risk Specialist

AUSA is delighted to welcome Lisa and Michael as the presenters of the pre-conference workshop, Violence Risk and Responsibilities.

Rosie O’Halloran

Rosie O’Halloran is an Ergonomist and Occupational Therapist with 30 years’ experience in the field of OHS and Ergonomics working largely as a consultant providing specialist ergonomic expertise for a diverse range of industry groups including emergency services, heavy manufacturing, airline, hospitality and gaming, local and state government, health industries and tertiary institutions.

She is currently employed in the capacity of Ergonomist in the Health and Safety team at the University of Melbourne. Her focus is on preventing musculoskeletal risk and improving worker safety, health and performance through the design of human centered work environments, processes, equipment and tasks.

Rosie is an active member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

Katherine Nowell

Katherine Nowell is the Safety & Risk Management Officer for the School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne.

Katherine has over 10 years’ experience in various laboratory and safety based roles, giving her an in-depth, first-hand understanding of a wide range of hazards, both on and off-campus. Providing advice on risk management, workstation design, layout and use is a significant part of her role in an effort to ensure that workers are comfortable and safe from harm while in their working environment.

Katherine has a passionate interest in workplace health, safety and wellbeing. She counts improved office fit-outs and furniture choice, increased awareness of the importance of workstations that fit the users, and greater acceptance of risk assessment and management among her greatest achievements.

AUSA is delighted to welcome Rosie and Katherine as the presenters of the pre-conference workshop, Ergonomics.