Past and current issues of AUSA Post, the newsletter of the AUSA, are available for download in PDF format here.

Issue number and
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Volume 9.1
165 Kb

President's Welcome
New Members since Jan 2011
2011 AUSA Conference

Volume 8.1
644 Kb

President's Welcome
AUSA OHS Scholarship
Unis Do Well at OHS Awards
2009 Conference Wrap Up
Model Safe Work Act
AUSA Constitution Changes
New Members in 2009
Reading List

Volume 7.1
257 Kb

2009 AUSA OHS Conference
AUSA PPI Benchmarking Survey 2008
AUSA State Chapters
Hosting the AUSA Website
New Members in 2009 to date

Volume 6.1
67 Kb

AUSA Conference 2009
PPI Benchmarking
International links
New Members

Volume 5.2
801 Kb

Conference Wrap-Up 2007
AUSA OHS Scholarship 2008
New Members
AUSA Vision and Goals
QUSA Formation
AUSA People

Volume 5.1
130 Kb

2007 AVCC OHS Conference
PPI Benchmarking
New Members
AUSA People

Volume 4.1
129 Kb

AUSA OHS Scholarship
Diving Safety
OHS Conference
OHS Half-Scholarship scam
AGM and Elections

Volume 3.1
113 Kb

AVCC OHS Conference 2005
PPI Benchmarking Project Initial Results
AUSA Annual General Meeting and Elections

Volume 2.1
136 Kb

AUSA logo competition winner
OHS Conference update
Changing of the guard

Volume 1.1
143 Kb

2003 AVCC OHS Conference Wrap
AUSA Executive
2005 Conference Details
AUSA Membership Drive