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2010 Scholarship Results

The AUSA Executive and the 2010 Scholarship Selection Panel would like to announce that the winner of the 2010 AUSA OHS Scholarship is Steve Guggenheimer from the University of Melbourne for his project titled Ionising Radiation Stakeholder Group and Guidance Material. Congratulations to Steve and well done!

The AUSA Executive and the Selection Panel would also like to congratulate and thank all the applicants for this year’s scholarship as it was apparent that considerable effort and thought had gone into all the proposals.

Details of the winning submission

  • Proponent: Steve Guggenheimer, Radiation Advisor, OHS and Injury Management Department, The University of Melbourne
  • Title of proposal: 'Ionising Radiation Stakeholder Group and Guidance Material'. 
  • Description: The project will identify and bring together stakeholders from universities, research groups, regulators, professional associations and other allied groups to collaborate on issues regarding ionising radiation.  The project will result in the production of strategic and end user ionising radiation guidance material and documentation.  The expected outcome of this project is to provide stakeholders and other interested parties with professional support and a uniform approach to ionising radiation at higher education institutions. Benefits could include identifying best practice and bench marking activities such as:
    • regulatory requirements for the movement of radioactive sources and equipment from one location to another (particularly interstate or off shore);
    • licensing requirements, taking into account state or federal exceptions;
    • risk assessment and procedural requirements for the end user;
    • storage requirements with regards the federal code of practice (ARPANSA) and varying state requirements;
    • training requirements;
    • reporting requirements (varying under different regulator jurisdictions and the location of the work being undertaken); and
    • waste and disposal requirements.

Project Results

Steve reported on the outcomes of his project to the AUSA OHS Conference 2011. His presentation is available for download below:

More information about the project is available from: